Become a crisis angel!

For example, cover part of a month´s rent for someone who may need help!

It´s super simple:

Take a walk around your neighbourhood or search the internet for small shops, restaurants or artists that you would like to support.
Contact the owner (phone, e-mail) and ask if and in what way you can provide support.
For example, offer to cover a month's rent (or part of it).
Please tell the shop owner to draw attention to the "Helpers in the crisis" campaign on the shop´s homepage, copy the template "Thank you" (under templates), print it out and put it into the shop window.  

Freelancers, and youth hostels could surely use your support as well.


The small bookstore next door is trying to stay alive with online orders, as is the small toy store around the corner. The hairdresser is closed, the piano teacher is not allowed to give lessons, the small Asian restaurant is now only allowed to sell take-out meals.
If you talk to the owners, many of them are having problems making ends meet. 
On the other hand, there are people such as myself that have a regular income and are willing to help "unbureaucratically"... 
Together we could help a lot of small shops, artists and freelancers get through the crisis, if only those who do have enough money looked for a "partner" in need. 
Of course, the search will be easier if those who need help are open about their situation, for example, by posting a notice in their shop window or on their homepage.

This is where it all started...

The owner of the bookstore I covered a month's rent for was incredibly grateful and sent me an audiobook as a small thank you.
So that made two of us that were just happy to have found each other!

Here is a link to the coverage Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany´s second-largest newspaper) did on us on 11 April 2020:

Picture: Stephan Rumpf

...and that’s how it continues

I was particularly happy to hear back from people living in different areas in Germany that the idea of “Helpers in the crisis” has spread beyond Munich! I received e-mails from people from Constance to Bremerhaven who want to become "Helpers in the crisis" in their cities and want to support someone.
There was an article about a colleague from Lenggries in the Tölzer Kurier on 25 April 2020:
Moreover, I know of several shop owners and restaurants who have found a supporter in Munich,  Lenggries and Regensburg. Thanks to all crisis angles!
I hope there will be even more people that will follow!

Since I did not ask for feedback, I don’t know how many people have supported the idea in the meantime. I’d love to hear from you and your story if you have joined the “Helpers in the crisis” movement – you can get in touch by sending me an e-mail (

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