provide support

Thanks for your interest!

You're likely to be one of the lucky ones who 

  • have a steady income despite the crisis.
  • don't have to worry about money right now.
  • maybe have some spare cash to support others.

If none of the above applies to you and you still want to help, you can do this by passing on the idea to as many friends as possible and support small shops by actively shopping there.

Another "rescue action", where you do not need much money, you can find here: 

It´s easy to help!

Look for a shop you want to support

Take a walk around your neighbourhood or search the internet for small shops, restaurants, youthhostels... 
Of course it is also possible to support artists or freelancers.


Contact the owner (phone, e-mail) and ask if and in what way you can provide support.

Share your luck

For example, you can cover a month´s rent (or part of it).
All kinds of different support are possible - time to get creative!

Spread the word about "helpers in the crisis"

Please tell the owner to draw attention to the "Helpers in the crisis" campaign on the shop´s homepage. Please also copy the template "Thank you" (under templates), print it out and put it into the shop window.  

THANK YOU to all helpers in the crisis!!!